Benefits - Bank

Everyone trusts the Bank but who can the Bank trust? Especially before giving out a loan for millions of dirhams. Sure there are stringent checks in place to ensure that it is secured debt but as every banker knows there will be defaults that you cannot prevent. More so during times of economic downturns, which as experienced in the past the UAE is specifically vulnerable to.

The best way to secure yourself is to get a third party independent opinion provided by the most qualified and experienced name in the region.

Before sanctioning a loan on residential or commercial property, let SGE Consultants assess the property for you and determine the true condition of the property. We will conduct in depth investigations and report back on every vital bit of information you need including immediate expenses on the property and ones that need to be planned for. This supplements the commercial valuation of the property and you have the true value of your client's investment. This is turn will help your client and you be sure that it is a sound investment and also in the eventuality that the bank finds itself left with a property to dispose to collect on the loan, you can be sure it's one in prime condition, which makes your debt easily recoverable.

So if you want to be assured that the loan you sanction is truly going to translate to money back in the bank, make sure you authorize a SGE Property Inspection on every one of them.