Benefits - Developer

Increasingly developers in Dubai are falling into one of two categories – ones that can be trusted and ones that can't. Even the biggest names in the business have had their reputation tarnished because of small problems bringing down their big projects. As a developer you should be focused on creating masterpieces and should be able to rely on contractors to deliver your vision. Sadly this is far from a reality. Even having your own surveyors and quality controllers on the site does not guarantee a perfect product. That's because each one gets bogged down with their own problems. Contractors faced with tight deadlines and tighter budgets are bound to cut costs. And your surveyors too are focused on big construction issues and miss the small but important ones.

Having an independent third party internationally accredited and qualified consultant on the job will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. What's more with the government toughening their stand on construction standards, you can't afford not to have us on your side.

With SGE Property Inspectors conducting a thorough investigation before the contractor moves off the site and relinquishes liability, you can save yourself time, money and loss of goodwill. Let the most qualified Property Inspection company in the market be your partner and you'll be assured a product that not only meets world class standards and exceeds your clients expectation but also one that you can be proud of.