Benefits - Seller

The real estate market is one of the most volatile in the world. And as seen during the last recession, property values dropped globally and the UAE was no exception. No one can accurately predict the future but one can prudently prepare for it.

That's where SGE Property Inspection comes in. Even in a buyer's market, you can command a fair price if your property has been found in good condition by an independent third party. And when that assessment comes from the only UAE Company with international accreditation and USA qualified professionals, you can be sure to inspire confidence in your buyer.

Our Property Inspection Report will highlight small and big maintenance issues on your property, which will help you attend to them and increase the value of your property. Also in today's market the buyer is well informed and bound to do investigations on their own before committing to a big investment and if you share your independent third party report that gives you a clean chit and also addresses future expected expenditures, you will build a high level of trust with the buyer, translating to a smooth and stress free sale.