Benefits - Tenant

As a tenant finding the right home is hard enough and you don't want to deal with any unforeseen problems after signing the lease. You are best placed to make decisions on the location, the layout and even the price but unfortunately not all costs and hazards can be seen by the lay eye.

With ever increasing rents in the UAE, you've probably already stretched your budget and now imagine an increase of 10 to 15 percent just a month into your lease. This has been the experience of many tenants here because most home maintenance issues only crop up when you live in a home and not when it has been left vacant for a while. From leaking pipes and air condition ducts to mold and termites, you will find them all eating into your savings.

While the landlord may be liable for some of these issues, chances are he may refuse to pay or bringing him to book could be a long drawn out expensive affair. You'll find learning of any problem upfront is the cheapest solution because you can decide if it fits in your budget, use it to negotiate your rent or can get the landlord to attend to it before you move in.