Why Property Inspection?

Property investment comes with huge gains and also huge risks. One way to ensure a successful property transaction is to get a clear understanding of the true condition of the property. That's exactly what a Property Inspection does for you.

The purpose of a Property Inspection is to study, analyze and report on the physical condition of your property and make professional recommendations for repairs, replacements, upgrades and anticipated issues that may result in financial risk or liability to you.

Be it high-rise business towers or deeply cherished homes, Property Inspection experts will conduct in-depth investigations and provide you with detailed, extensive reports that will help secure your investment and peace of mind.

So whether you are a home owner, potential investor, financier, developer, owner association member, real estate company, insurance agent or property manager, a Property Inspection will ensure that your property is managed and maintained for maximum return on your investment.

Around the world, Property Inspection is referred to by different names including: Building Audit, Building Survey, Due Diligence, Building Inspection, Physical Needs Assessment etc. No matter what you call it, a SGE Property Inspection spells professionalism and trust in all languages

Why Choose SPI?

Here are a few reasons why SPI is the region's leading independent third party Property Inspection company and one you can trust to provide an impartial and professional report:

A team of internationally qualified, accredited and experienced engineers
15 + years of experience in the Property Inspection industry and over 30 years experience in the construction and real estate industry
Over 600 Property Inspections completed in the USA where a strict adherence to codes and quality is a norm
Worked with the biggest names and firms in the business including EMG, BE, Building Analytics, Marx Okubo and Property Inspection LL in the USA
Satisfied international and local customers
Hands on experience in all kinds of developments from exclusive residential communities to large-scale commercial facilities

For more information please visit our website on www.starinspect.com