ALADDIN - Features

Aladdin can grant all your business wishes:

Tracking – Aladdin helps you keep track of the location, age and life expectancy of your physical asset, helping you plan for the future.

Preventative Maintenance – Aladdin takes small steps to care for your equipment and saves you big costs in the long run.

Scheduling – Aladdin helps you assign the right person to the job and at the right time, ensuring that you get maximum return from your resources.

Documentation – Aladdin easily stores and tracks your machinery’s documentation and warranty information, so you can easily retrieve the information you need when you need it.

Reports – Aladdin can generate several reports including work orders, pending work, maintenance history etc. These reports can be mailed or easily used in other presentation and reporting activities. And it’s a dual language software, so you can do everything in English and Arabic!

Dashboards – Aladdin’s dashboards provide a visual representation of critical, real time data that can improve your organization’s overall efficiency and enhance daily decision-making.

Cloud based – Aladdin is cloud based, which means we do not have to install any software onto your computers and will have access to it anywhere as long as you have Internet access.

Zero Maintenance – Aladdin doesn’t require you to have an IT team on hand to ensure it’s running smoothly. We take care of all the back end maintenance, so you’re not wasting time managing software but can manage maintenance instead.

Conserve Energy – Aladdin ensures that your physical assets are in shipshape condition and makes them more energy efficient.

Budgets & Profits – By tracking physical assets and having profiles on each of the items under your care, Aladdin can help you budget for when a physical asset needs to be replaced or repaired and help you increase profits.

Affordability – Aladdin is the most affordable maintenance management software in the region granting all your maintenance wishes for less than your average monthly mobile bill.

Adaptability – Aladdin is extremely flexible. It can be applied in any business that owns physical assets including manufacturing, plant, fleet, facility maintenance etc.

Physical Asset Tagging – Aladdin has a unique function that creates Physical Asset Tagging Labels for all physical assets within the software itself which can save you from spending huge amounts on physical asset tagging software.

Mobile Application – With Aladdin Mobile App, maintenance crew will have easy and secure access to critical maintenance records as they execute work orders on site. This guarantees increased productivity, which will give your business a competitive edge.

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